In this new age, freer of hard manual labor, we focus ever more in the mind. This text is empirical research without prior art searches. It is provided in the hope it will help someone else, as it helped the author.

Biomechanics of HappinessEdit

In this new age people pump their bodies with stimulant drugs to spur their body like a horse: even poisons like coffee, tobacco, or amphetamines. To make their mind go ever faster and faster.

Beware my friends: Spurring a weak horse will not make it go any faster. It will only make it collapse and die.

To counteract the effects of stimulants, to forget problems from their daily life, in order to get rest, people pump their bodies with sedative drugs: poisons like liquor, or valium.

These are mere palliatives at best. They mask the symptoms of a problem, but do not cure the illness in itself.

The poisonous toxins, present in these stimulant and sedative drugs, numb the nerves and nervous sensors. This means people get less sensitive to outer ambient influences. This may be good, to modulate an excessive defensive response. But I believe if the toxin dosage is too high, and nerves are totally numbed, it will disable the nervous sensors in the body, leading to an insufficient defensive response and eventually cellular death. It is a matter of balance.

We all need rest and sleep. It is during the sleep cycle that several body maintenance and repair functions are activated. If rest must come from sedatives then so be it. However true rest, sleep, comes from tranquility. A person with a clear conscience, at peace with itself, needs no sedatives to sleep quietly. A clear conscience can come from belief in a nobler cause or purpose in life. This is why people asked for moral guidance from neutral priests and prayed before their sleep.

To live in society we need religious, moral, and law rules. Religion and moral is now a personal and private matter. It has had a hard time keeping pace with technological change and the laws of men have covered the gap. The Age of Enlightenment brought us the Bill of Rights or Constitution, inspired in previous treatises such as the Magna Carta, to keep modern societies civilized and peaceful.

Nervous sensor alertsEdit

Sensor is shut down. Body is left exposed to attacks.
Notifies of an intrusion attempt or some other minimal intensity conflict in that area.
Notifies of an intrusion attempt or some other low intensity conflict in that area.
Notifies of an intrusion attempt or some other medium intensity conflict in that area.
Notifies of an intrusion attempt or some other high intensity conflict in that area.

Defense mechanismsEdit

Hardens our soft flesh against an outside threat: it turns the flesh into a living armor.
Body temperature
Meant to kill threats which already penetrated the flesh and are inside the body.
Mechanism to expel threats between the lips and the larynx. May also be used as a medium intensity defense for cleaning the lungs.
Mechanism to expel threats inside the nasal cavity. May also be used as a high intensity defense for cleaning the lungs.
Mechanism to expel threats between the esophagus airways and the stomach.
Mechanism to expel threats in the intestine.
Mechanism to expel threats in the skin. The skin sheds itself faster to expel toxins or other perceived threats.

These defense mechanisms are wired to a fight-or-flight response mechanism.

The nervous system aims for homeostasis. If the body is used to an excessively clean environment, the sensors are put in high alert status. The nervous system panics at the slightest toxic threat. This may lead to autoimmune diseases. If the body is used to an excessively dirty environment, the sensors are toned down. This may leave the body vulnerable to outside attack.

The balance is modulated by hormones. I believe the best way to stop chronic disease permanently is to train the body to fight properly with vaccines, rather than forcibly modulate the hormones with medicines. If the hormones are to be modulated, the modulation agent should be targeted at the specific region, rather than the whole body (e.g. use nasal spray or throat spray rather than pills). For the cure to be complete, the patient must know how to maintain himself in a daily basis. The doctor will not be available 24h, since it is a precious resource to be used in an emergency basis.

Vaccines help train the body defense systems against outside threats. Outside threats may include harmful viruses, bacteria, fungi.

I believe the body identifies threats by their outer shape and the toxins they emit. HIV has been hard do eradicate because a virus emits no toxins. HIV is so insidiously slow to propagate, that some defensive systems believe it to be a benign bacteriophage, rather than a harmful trojan virus.


The skin is a multi-function organ. It is porous and possesses many nervous sensors: temperature, pressure, etc. It is a natural barrier for the body, protecting it from harmful outside threats. The skin is also a purging mechanism. The skin is often the last escape mechanism of the body. By merely examining someone's skin, or whites in their eyes, it is possible to detect the symptoms of many chronic illnesses:

About SmokingEdit

Smokers are exposing other people in the environment to a drug. For the case of tobacco, this can cause agitation and palpitations. Sudden removal from such an environment, with an addictive drug, may cause depression even for a passive smoker. I believe this leads to a negative spiral of stimulants and depressives for everyone in such an environment. Hence I support smoking bans in closed public places. I would like that people stopped smoking, but I believe a ban on smoking would not help, much like liquor bans did not help in the past.

The American Indians were more wise in their use of tobacco than we are. They used long smoking pipes, which require effort to draw smoke hence decreasing narcotic intake, as well as placing tar and narcotics well outside of the user range. The Indians reserved its use for special events such as chieftain meetings. Cigarettes are a modern invention by poor Turkish soldiers in a hurry. They could care less about the side effects.

There are other ways of ingesting the nicotine drug present in tobacco. There are less addictive drugs than nicotine with similar effects such as caffeine. Heck, drink Jolt, Mountain Dew or Red Bull, if that is what it takes to make you happy and plain old tea, cocoa, or coffee is not enough. Please try not to make your, or someone elses, heart or head explode in the process.


Stimulants and analgesics are poisons that damage organs in the body.

In a weakened body state we are useless. We are of no help. No help to us. No help to our brothers and sisters. We should listen to our body.

For the body is the house of the mind, and a strong body makes a strong mind.

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